More Efficient Scouting

Walk More Crops
In Less Time

Faster with More Detail

Skippy will fly your drone to multiple remote areas in the field while you walk your standard pattern. It covers more land for you, in much less time, with leaf-level detail.

Import FieldMaps for Guidance

Import Maps
from Anywhere

Bring Meaning to Maps

Use any map and scout it with your drone. Use screenshots, saved images or anything you can photo! Skippy quickly imports and trims images to use as maps, and guide where you place scout points.

Identify Disease Earlier

Find Disease
Early and Fast

Detail, Sharing & AI

Super resolution means its easy to spot early signs of rust or similar. Send images to your agronomist to help identify the problems and soon, our AI will flag unhealthy leaves so you can focus only where needed.

Monitor Problem Areas

Return to POIs

Points of Interest

Set points of interest in your field that your drone will image every time you’re in that field, keep an eye on problem areas and make sure sprays have been effective.

Enhance Variable Rates

Accurate Crop
Only GAI

Optimise Satellite Data

Use a satellite GAI/Biomass map to generate zones, then scout them with Skippy to optimise the measurements and feed them back into your map ready for application.

Accurate Traceability

Record When,
Where & Why

Geo-Tagged & Time-Stamped

All images captured are tagged with accurate location and time taken data, so you have a record of when and where there was a problem, and justification for the action taken.