Walk More Crops
in Less Time

Skippy Scout is an App that will Fly
Your Drone to Scout Crops for You

Fast & Easy To Use

No training. Quick Setup. Cover fields faster and in more detail.

Fully Automated

Aware of terrain and hazards, Skippy flies your drone for you.


Use almost any drone, available off-the-shelf or for a low monthly cost.

Leaf-Level Detail

Spot and recognise problems easily, early and automatically.

Made By Farmers
For The Farm

Wheat Crop Drone Photo
Wheat Crop AI Drone Photo
OSR Crop drone photo
OSR AI raw
Find Problems Even Faster

Automated Image Analysis

We're building simple but powerful AI based image analysis into Skippy Scout. Get crop % cover vs weeds, unhealthy leaf coverage, GAI readings and plant counts. Coming Soon


Sync with your farm software

Muddy Boots

Import Farms, Fields, Crops and Inspection Points

Export Images and Analysis

Coming Soon


Import Farms, Fields and Cropping

Export Scout Points, Images and Analysis

Coming Soon

“Skippy Scout is a real step forwards in Drone Solutions for Agriculture, with more meaningful insights for growers and advisors alike.”

James Marshall-RobertsGlobal Digital Agronomy Lead, Syngenta

“Skippy Scout is the first solution we have come across which is simple to use and delivers real benefits for farmers, agronomists and potentially the whole supply chain.”

Andy HindhaughCommercial Director, McCreath Simpson & Prentice

“Skippy saves me walking across a big field, it is literally 5 minutes, job done. I’m a believer in using drones and I think there is a lot of potential for Skippy Scout.”

Graham PotterFarmers Weekly arable farmer of the year finalist

“Targeted agronomy is fast becoming a reality and Skippy Scout has the potential to complement this. It offers a unique approach to drone use in agriculture to enhance decision making.”

Lewis McKerrowDigital Farming Manager, Hutchinsons

Bottom Line: Do More In Less Time