How Skippy Scout Works

Skippy is a mobile app that can be downloaded for use on a smartphone. For a monthly fee, starting at £30 for a single user, you can download the app. By importing maps, you can choose points in fields you want to view.

Skippy will automatically fly your drone to these points and send you high resolution, leaf level images. 

Then Skippy analyses the captured images and sends you a field report, with % healthy crop, unhealthy crop, weeds and insect damage. You will need:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • A DJI drone (or use our flight service)
  • The Skippy Scout App

Watch a Demo

Activate, Setup, Fly, Report

You’ll be up and running in minutes

1. Activate

Takes 1-2 minutes


Sign up on our website.
1st month free, pause anytime.


You'll be given a link and a code.
Install the Skippy Scout app...


...and open it.
Scan your code to activate.

2. Setup

Takes 2 minutes per field

Add Farm

Choose 'MyFarms'.
Outline and name your farm.

Add a Field

Choose 'My Fields' and tap to choose one.
Add your field details.

Add Scout Points

Use maps or your knowledge.
Choose points of interest to scout.

3. Fly

Covers an average of 2 hectares in 1 minute

Connect Your Drone

Turn on the drone.
Plug in the controller.

Fly Now

Open the Skippy app, choose 'Scout here'.
Skippy will run checks, choose 'Fly Now'.

Capture Images

Skippy will fly your drone.
Capturing images at each point.
No drone? Use our flight service:

Get the App

Sign up with code 'FreeFlight' and download the app.

Setup Fields

Just like the above, you'll be done in minutes.

Ask us to Fly

We'll despatch a local drone pilot who has access to Skippy.

Fly & Capture

Within a few days they will fly your field and we'll send you your report...

4. Report

With you in less than 10 minutes after competed a flight

Sync Images

Images are synced with phone and server.
View them straight away.

Image Analysis

Images are analysed.
Crop cover, unhealthy, weeds and damage.

Get Report

A PDF report is generated.
It's sent to you and others in minutes.
More Questions?