How Skippy Scout Works

Skippy is a mobile app that can be downloaded for use on a smartphone. For a monthly fee, starting at £30 for a single user, you can download the app. By importing maps, you can choose points in fields you want to view. Skippy will automatically fly your drone to these points and send you high resolution, leaf level images. 

1. Add Field

Drone will fly to user-defined locations across the field

  • Add points based on your field knowledge
  • or Import basemaps
  • or Sync inspection points from other software

2. Drone Flight

Drone captures images at 1-2m above crop

  • Images are captured at the exact height needed
  • Height based on crop type and growth stage
  • Images are time-stamped and geo-tagged

3. View Images

Images are available immediately

  • Images downloaded even before the drone lands
  • High resolution, zoom to leaf-level
  • Easily share images with others