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What exactly is the Skippy Scout App?

We built Skippy Scout as a way to make field walking/crop scouting more efficient through the use of affordable drone systems, which many farmers and agronomists already own.

Think of it as a much faster, more detailed way to scout crops/quadrat sample. It’s like the the field scouting apps you get on your phone, but your phone can fly around the field…

What drones can Skippy fly?

We’re focused on DJI drone systems, for now.

Skippy can fly any of the DJI Mavic series (the Mavic Air is our favourite!), The Phantom 4 series, Inspire 2 and M200 series drones.

We may support other manufacturers down the line so if you make drones, feel free to get in touch!

Can Skippy use my mobile device?

Skippy is iOS only at the moment, use your iPhone 6S and beyond. Of course it will work a little better with more modern devices.

Android coming soon… well, at some point!

How fast is it, is it really better than field-walking?

Much faster. Skippy can cover about 2 hectares per minute with your drone, capturing high resolution images at 2 points per hectare.

These are all downloaded to your phone as your drone flies, so you can look at them as soon as they are taken and analyse for GAI etc, much in the same way you would use your phone camera to take a pic with a standard scouting app. Think of your drone as a flying phone camera!

Is it available in my country?

Yes, in fact we have testers all over the world! Skippy in general should work anywhere in the world, however we are testing and developing it in the UK market first. We also plan to add features that will be UK-specific, to begin with at least!

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